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5 Steps - Turning Your Passion Into Your Purpose 
Do you REALLY know what you want? 

It’s very hard to know the answer that question as so many different elements affect our “wants” and “needs”. 

When I have coached my clients, it has become apparent that the thing that they thought they wanted, turned out to be that they were trying to fulfil the expectations of others or were trying to recreate a certain point in their life.

So how do we get clear on your outcome and the path to finding your purpose... your passion?  Are your emotions & beliefs assisting or holding you back? I can help you become aware of behaviours and help you identify thoughts.

We need to unpack your learned behaviours & emotions, to reflect on what drives you to make certain decisions. These decisions are based on journeys, experiences - whether positive or negative - unhelpful habits, doubts, self-confidence & self-belief. 

Once we have worked out what frames you, we then repack with the tools to change your attitudes contributing to your circling situation, identify accountability, push your boundaries, & push limits to get the desired result.

These things do not come naturally - we need to work to achieve the desired results & frame our lives on purpose.

“Happiness is not something ready made. 
It comes from your own actions. ” - Dalai Lama
The world is fast becoming a place of great confusion...
Conflicting demands on your time may be sometimes 
causing you to lose yourself in the roles you play...
...You try to keep up and manage your health, your feelings, your relationships, your work & life and your finance, but somehow the way to relaxation, confidence and success seem so far away and instead you end up with negative emotions, such as depression, worry & wonder.
When a challenging situation comes our way or we make a decision to change our circumstances, we often go through times of trial, which I call feedback. 
This means we find another way! 
We have been conditioned to think we fail, though I believe its just like Einstein who created the light bulb - he went through many trials and found many ways that didn’t work, to find the one way that did. There is no such thing as fail, just feedback to find another way!
Ask yourself these questions:
1. Where am I headed in five years if I don’t make a change?

2. Who will I be if I make my move NOW, find a guide & take some action?

3. Am I willing to make the change & let myself become the person I know I can be?”
Sometimes it’s not easy to make the change as we feel we are relying on our own self, but know that you don’t have to do it alone! 

We have a group, a community, a tribe to support! 
We are not designed to be alone. 

My aim is to make your feel like you belong to a safe community/group where self-confidence, love, success, health & your future are part of your every day.

By working together to create a clear vision & putting strategies in place to pursue that vision, we will change your life & open doors you never thought were possible. 

Your journey needs to be honoured as it was what has got you to your now. 

I will help deliver strategies to assist your goals and dreams through a guided approach. 

The most important thing is to keep moving forward & stay on track to success & happiness.
“You are not here by chance, you are here by choice. Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are correct” 
 - Andy Bassett
About Me
Hi, I'm Andew
I can not tell you how excited I am that you are here on my site!

Thank you for visiting and starting your journey to becoming the BEST version of yourself possible. 

I understand how overwhelming these site can be, which is why I will be direct, & direct you to the tools & strategies that will change your life. We are not here to fluff around my friends! 

If this is the first time you've met me, you'll come to learn I am a very passionate person who has an abundance of energy & vision to help others. 

I am highly committed to living the best life possible & love to share my insights with others to help them achieve their goals & dreams.
We live in a world that is driven by social media, fear of missing out and material possessions. 

Don’t you think it’s crazy that we invest our time and energy into such meaningless things and never invest in the most important thing that will make a massive difference to our happiness and success? 

Me too...

Imagine approaching all your challenges from a place of security, understanding and clarity. 

What would that look like for you? 

What if you started saying “YES” to possibilities and took hold of the opportunities in front of you? 

Let’s explore those possibilities together ...
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